Creative Photography of Chiang Mai Landscape by Near Infrared Light

Researcher:                                Assistant Professor Jarunsak Loymee
Year:                                            2013
Landscape is a natural heritage that is variety and beautiful. Make the photographer from the past till now still popular photography landscape throughout the period. Chiang Mai Province, especially with the most topographic features valleys and plains thoroughly in his area. Then there is a natural beauty that is unique, not the same. Creative Photography of Chiang Mai Landscape by Near Infrared Light. This series. It illustrates the beauty of the landscape, Chiang Mai Province. Near Infrared light through. The human eye is the light is not visible. But the camera to adapt to specific lighting range for near infrared, especially. Able to save picture lighting range. All photographs in this research consisted of landscape. The landscape is a mountain and highland areas, the landscape is agricultural area, landscape architecture is a component, the landscape is a source of water and landscape as a public garden. Landscape photographs like a mirror reflects the constant of nature. In the period that we are going to get. And to convey our feelings to the place it on file and then offer it to someone else to see, as we feel.
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