Creative Research on ‘Street Photographs of Chiang Mai Province: Life and the Ordinary’

Researcher:                                  Lecturer Kan Ketuwet
Year:                                              2014
This creative research project on ‘Street Photographs of Chiang Mai Province: Life and the Ordinary’ reflects the social statuses through the artist’s personal perspectives to space, way of life and atmosphere of Chiang Mai at the present time with the natures of steer photography which is a type of documentary photography or recording photography. The method and styles of work can be divided into several types, such as decisive moment style which is the capture of perfect time and moment, finding moment style which is the immediate capture of a moment, and state photography style which is the establishment of identities of an area through way of life of local people. Steer photographs are always used as tools for recording and presenting some stories and reflecting the society at a specific time and place in front of the photographer. The advantages of street photography are wide and diversified frameworks, and greater flexibility for the creation than many other photographic styles. Even though street photography requires a great deal of time and expertise, the obtained photographs can reflect various ideas in many ways. Photographs in one set can reflect the beautiful stories in the area or the parody of undesirable things that the photographers encounter. The process of street photography also reflects the perspectives of the photographers who pay attention to ordinary things by taking photographs of things around them that may look simple but can manifest the events and issues that are interesting for the public.
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