Erroneous Perception of Art Photography and Pornography in Thai Society

Researcher:                                  Associate Professor Kanta Poonpipat
Year:                                              2014
People in the modern society are sophisticated and have diversified opinions. Therefore, perspectives towards an issue cannot be defined with a short description. Likewise, looking into Thai society, one can see the complexity of the opinions of people in the society because some members of the society are trying to change themselves in order to catch up with the global trends whilst some other are trying to sustain idealistic concepts whenever an issue that has impacts on idealistic beliefs emerges. The aforementioned phenomenon is the beginning of this research project. In all classes of Thai society, there are questions concerning the appropriateness of ethics and morals. Such frames of appropriateness still remain in the consciousness of members of Thai society. The difference among these members is the level of such appropriateness. One societal issue that has been a topic of discussion is ‘Erotic Arts or Indecency’. This topic is still heard discussed in Thai society. The clash of different opinions appears among groups of people with different views of cultural norms and decency. Things that provoke such an opinion clash are images shown in mass media that can be wide spread rapidly in magazines and other media. Some people can endure such images whilst others reject such images or photographs. Sexual materials or erotic photographs are created with the artistic drive or sex drive to arouse fundamental needs of mankind. As for the construction and valuation of nude photographs, when obvious nude photographs are publicized, what is their status? Are they works of art or materials that harm the decency of the society? What are the thresholds that separate the two types of works from each other?
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