Cultural Landscapes of Upper Ping River Basin

Barrages and Floodgates

A barrage controls the area and volume of the river flow. It helps to prevent flooding as well as preserve water. When the normal river level is low, the barrage allows a supplementary reservoir to fill. When the river reaches normal level, water flows over the barrage. It 1) guarantees normal, average flow, 2) it can be temporary, made of wood or rocks that can be removed, 3) it can be constructed of rock on compacted soil and, 4) may be permanently constructed of concrete.

A floodgate is constructed to control the river’s flow according to use, speed of descent and volume needed. In case of flooding, floodgates can reduce the level of water by diverting it into alternative channels and reservoirs.

Temples and Communities

The building of temples is an ancient tradition. When a community is founded, the temple brings all together in belief and in ritual, celebrating and preserving shared religious heritage. Temples have been a center for community knowledge and learning in the past and in the present.

River Life

Lanna culture creates a life that gives meaning to the rivers on which the people live. They call it the blood that flows though our veins.

The Landscape of Culture

Landscapes tell us much about the people who live in them. It tells of the nature they experience, how they live and raise their crops. It tells how the presence and the flow of the Maenam Ping define each day.

Creative Landscapes

The natural beauty of creation in a river valley.