This exhibition is a cooperative project between the Chiang Mai House of Photography and the City flower festival CHIANG BLOOMS. It shares the aesthetics and creativity of the community with nature in the decorative floral heritage of Chiang Mai province, a major attraction for visitors. photographs : Surachai Saengsuwan (Pui), a leading fashion designer in […]


The Soul of Chiang Mai Glass Plate Photographs by Luang Anusarn Suntara ( Sunhi Chutima 1867-1934) Luang Anusarn Suntara (Sunhi Chutima) was born into a Chinese merchant family that migrated into Siam during the reign of Rama II. They first settled into the Nakorn Sawan area, then moved north to Lampang, Lamphun and, finally, to […]

The Mark of Culture

Thai people are enriched by ancient arts. They link mind, vision and body between region, belief and ethnicity. Legendary epics, inscriptions and manuscripts; creative memorials, temples and murals are integral to the heritage that we live today. And, their presence is expressed in a particular context, as are the magically beautiful tattoos in this exhibition. […]

Thesis Exhibition DEV 2019

The beauty of a photograph cannot be created just within a moment. It takes time, sometimes one year, five years or a lifetime. Beauty is richer than technical skill. It is deepened through the process of development. Time allows us to integrate knowledge and experience in what we create. This thesis exhibition, Dev, shows the […]

(ภาษาไทย) นิทรรศการผลงานภาพถ่ายของชาวญี่ปุ่นที่พักอาศัยในจังหวัดเชียงใหม่

We are a member of CLL (Chiangmai Longstay Life Club) who enjoys long stays in Chiang Mai, and among them, we are actively involved as a photo club with 12 Japanese people and Thai people together. Also, we visit many places in Thailand and overseas about six times a year, enjoying photography trips in a […]


          FACULTY & STAFF EXHIBITION PHOTOGRAPHIC ART FACULTY OF FINE ARTS CHIANG MAI UNIVERSITY The Photographic Art Department, as part of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, has been offering minor curriculum since its founding in 1985. The department later expanded the program to include major curriculum in 2009, with the vision of providing […]


Luz THESIS EXHIBITION in Chiang Mai 2018 PHOTOGRAPHIC ART FACULTY OF FINE ARTS CHIANG MAI UNIVERSITY Luz, in Latin, means Light. In Science, light is an electromagnetic wave that is an important element in the perception of color. Long before the writing of history and the invention of electricity, human beings discovered how to make fire. This […]